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Algunas estadísticas que demuestran el poder de difusión del vídeo en Youtube



One of the best ways for a popular website to crow about its successes is the use of statistics. This is even more true with the world of video, which is ruled by things like view counts, comments, subscriptions, and ratings. We’ve all heard some of YouTube’s most impressive numbers–over 2 billion video views per day; over 35 hours of video uploaded per minute–but those aren’t the only awe-inspiring YouTube statistics. In fact, YouTube has been kind enough to create a public web page dedicated solely to the most impressive facts and figures they can find to share. One assumes the page will be updated moving forward, as new milestones are reached and new hurdles are conquered. Source: YouTube Statistics: 25 Jawdropping YouTube Facts, Figures & Statistics ©2008-2011 ReelSEO Video Marketing
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